Product, Sourcing, and Vendor Consolidation Solutions

Hawks Sales Corporation, founded in 1962, enjoys a long history of serving customers with a wide variety of products. Our Worldwide Sourcing and Design capabilities, coupled with our recently expanded warehouse, allows us to provide superior Just-In-Time and Vendor Consolidation solutions.

  Thousands of Parts

Hawks Sales Corporation provides our customers access to thousands of catalog parts, as well as extensive custom capabilities that are surprisingly affordable.

Years of Experience

Our veteran Hawks Sales Corporation professionals, with over 100 years of combined sales experience, will work with you to select the optimum product for you application.

Rubber, Plastic, Metal Products

Our recently enhanced group of manufacturers and master distributors allows Hawks Sales to offer our customers competitively priced rubber, plastic, and metal products.

Manufacturers Represented by Hawks Sales

Rubber Products Distributors (Hawks Sales)

•  Standard rubber parts:  grommets, bumpers, O-rings, mounts, lathe cut, and die cut
•  Custom rubber parts
•  Heyco master distributor: strain reliefs, cord grips, conduit and fittings, hole plugs, and bushings
•  Worldwide sourcing vendor consolidation and logistics stocking programs


Ocean Springs Logo (Hawks Sales)

•  Springs:  compression, torsion, extension, clock, and power
•  Wire forms
•  In house: grinding, plating, heat treating, assembly, and packaging
•  Metal stampings: material thickness .002” – .200” (0.5mm – 5.0mm)



•  Premier manufacturer of high quality copper wire & cable products
•  Appliance wire, building wire, flexible cord, custom cdable, machine tool wire, tray cable, and solar PV
•  Custom packaging:  reels, drums, easy boxes
•  PVC, cross-linked nylon insulations


IPC new logo

•  Master Distributor for all major brands tubing and sleeving
•  Wire marking, bundling & protecting.
•  Heat-shrinkable and extruded tubing

•  Cutting, marking, kitting, and spooling.
•  Master distributor of liquid adhesives


Moltec Logo•  “Grip Lock” nylon liquid tight conduit and fitting systems
•  Custom nylon and metal thread fittings
•  Adaptors, supports and accessories
•  Custom assemblies


Contact Hawks Sales Corporation

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